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Vindictive prosecution doctrine of double effect


Vindictive prosecution doctrine of double effect

If the government cannot prosecute a defendant multiple times for the same offense, then it follows immediately that the government cannot punish a defendant across multiple prosecutions for the same offense. Baumgarth and Richard J. The principle of double effect is based on the idea that there is a morally relevant difference between an "intended" consequence of an act and one that is foreseen by the actor but not calculated to achieve his motive. Even worse, the further a defendant travels, the more likely it is that he will be further away from friends and loved ones who can provide critical moral support. Consider a fact pattern similar to United States v.

  • BBC Ethics Introduction to ethics Doctrine of double effect
  • Doctrine of Double Effect (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

  • The doctrine (or principle) of double effect is often invoked to explain the permissibility of an action that causes a serious harm, such as the.

    The Supreme Court next applied the doctrine to prosecutorial charging decisions deterrence effect of alleged vindictive prosecution as a "shield" to avoid "​legitimate" prosecution.

    Id. at to the post-conviction, double jeopardy context. When the defendant has been the victim of vindictive prosecution, however, the Court has And we have analogized that right to the right protected by the Double the chilling effect the vindictive prosecution doctrine is designed to prevent.
    If Bob accepts the deal, then B will prosecute and Bob could receive an additional sentence of up to ten years.

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    Because sentences are not evaluated cumulatively, each prosecution is completely independent. Moreover, Double Effect seems to explain the impermissibility of pushing someone onto the track in front of the speeding trolley in order to stop it and protect the five on the track ahead. In this Part, I will explore the limitations imposed by the Due Process Clause in the context of dual-sovereign sentencing.

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    Using the terminology from Part II, a jurisdiction, acting alone, would only be able to commute th…. If State A charges, convicts, and punishes the defendant for criminal contempt, would the defendant be entitled to a multiple punishment reduction if he is subsequently convicted by State B of the substantive crime underlying his contempt conviction?

    This assumption could be made explicit as an additional condition on permissibly causing unintended harm: 5.

    If, alternatively, there are a small number of overlapping elements, or if the similarities are insubstantial and do not constitute the essence of either crime, then it would make more sense to view each punishment independently.

    BBC Ethics Introduction to ethics Doctrine of double effect

    See infra Part II. One might argue that prison terms assigned by different sovereigns constitute different types of sentences—each sovereign operates its own corrections system and prison quality differs considerably from state to state. Johnson is not an isolated incident.

    An explanation of this ethical doctrine, which suggests that when an action will have two consequences (a "double effect"), the ethicality of that action depends.

    The principle of double effect – also known as the rule of double effect; the doctrine of double effect, often abbreviated as DDE or PDE, double-effect reasoning.

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    (SVPA), prosecutors are informed when a person convicted of a sexually violent offense is nearing the This is a view most closely associated with the doctrine of double effect, a topic that is seen as to that degree reactive and vengeful.
    In Blockburger v.

    Thomas Aquinas is credited with introducing the principle of double effect in his discussion of the permissibility of self-defense in the Summa Theologica II-II, Qu.

    Wakinekona, U.


    The principle of double effect is based on the idea that there is a morally relevant difference between an "intended" consequence of an act and one that is foreseen by the actor but not calculated to achieve his motive. Wheeler, U. This doctrine says that if doing something morally good has a morally bad side-effect, it's ethically OK to do it providing the bad side-effect wasn't intended.

    United States, S.

    Scope and Significance of the Problem. On this point, popular understandings of double effect, with the second assumption in place, may diverge from the most defensible version of the principle.

    Doctrine of Double Effect (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

    In order for a legislature to adopt a punishment, it must know what it is adopting. Instead they ask whether the principle adequately codifies the moral intuitions at play in the cases that have been taken to be illustrations of it.

    A. Vindictive Prosecutions: Isn't That What You're Paid For?

    C. Prosecutorial Misconduct as a Separate Basis for a Double The Fourth Amendment provides that a person's house, papers, and effects be held secure work product doctrine in Hickman, and the protection has been incorporated into the Federal. Vindictive prosecution doctrine was unstable because it reflected a Court 57 That is, double jeopardy could not be waived by a plea because it of plea bargaining dealt with the effect of the vindictive prosecution rule itself.

    The dual sovereignty doctrine is founded on the common-law are strengthened by the fact that the Blockburger test has been in effect, concerns of selective and vindictive prosecution still apply and still protect defendants.
    Does the second twenty-year sentence violate the Due Process Clause? Grisez, Germain G.

    Therefore, when it comes to future plea negotiations, a defendant would have less to lose by going to trial.

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    Times, Mar. To kill a person whom you know to be plotting to kill you would be impermissible because it would be a case of intentional killing; however, to strike in self-defense against an aggressor is permissible, even if one foresees that the blow by which one defends oneself will be fatal. The Supreme Court recognized as much in WhalenU.

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    As an example, suppose two states, A and Battempt to advance interests in payback to the community.

    It would be even more difficult to obtain relief because by the time the second sentencing court a…. See generally Nancy J. Thus far, this Note has focused on how dual-sovereign defendants can benefit from the protection from multiple punishments during the sentencing phase of their trials. Second, the myth that pain relief hastens death might have persisted and perpetuated itself because it expresses the compassionate thought behind the second assumption: that the hastening of death may be a welcome side effect of administering pain relief to patients at the end of life.

    Retrieved Many relevant considerations depend on judgments that are far outside the ambit of Double Effect.

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    In such a scenario, should the Due Process Clause prevent the imposition of both sentences?